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Long-Term financing for any investment property, whether its a single property or portfolio.

Grow your portfolio 1 property at a time, or through a portfolio loan for long-term cash flow based on value & DSCR - not tax returns, pay stubs, or DTI.


Programs available for purchases, refinances, delayed purchases, or cashout options from 30-yr Fixed, ARMs, Hybrid Amortizations, Interest Only, and more. There is no one-size-fits-all.

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Identify the deal. close on it.

Renovate the property to force appreciation and value.

Lease up and stabilize the property.

Refinance into a rental loan to get your cash back out.

Do it again. and again.. and again... Build your wealth.
*Terms and qualification will vary based on each individual transaction, the applicant(s), property type, and property location.
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Single property or Portfolios
$67,500 - $75,000,000+ loan amounts*
Fully Fixed, ARM, Hybrid, & Interest Only options available
5yr - 40-yr Terms
Non-Bank & Institutional capital available
Up to 80%

Up to 80% (1-4 Unit properties)
Available in most states nationwide

*See business funding for loan amounts <$67,500 utilizing unsecured financing.

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