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Don’t be limited by a lack of capital. Keep your equity. Scale with Gap Funding.

Maximize leverage, Maximize profit, and Maximize growth by scaling quickly on your Rehab and New Construction projects, or business acquisition through unsecured debt with no restrictions on use of funds, no liens on the property, and no waiting for your current project to sell. For credit-worthy individuals, obtain funding in 1-2 weeks to leverage up to 100% of the capital stack.

Own a cashflowing property or portfolio of properties?


Check out our unique Cash Flow Advance program.


Up to 75%




0 - 10%


What is Gap Funding?


Gap Funding is a form of debt (an unsecured loan) to help with a portion of the required funds needed for a transaction or project when you may be short of your own funds.


To many, one of the most sought after sources of capital among the Real Estate Investor community. While Hard Money Lenders, rental programs, bridge loans, and even deals are abundant in most markets around the country, 100% financing can be very hard to come by, and it is by far one of our most common requests we received (aside from "What are rates today?")

MACO Financials' Gap Funding is offered as an unsecured loan based off of personal income, credit, DTI, and Revolver utilization. Scroll down to keep reading!

Who is Gap Funding for?

For the profit-driven investor, Gap Funding is best utilized for short term, high return transactions where additional capital is needed to cross the finish line. Traditionally, an equity partner is pursued for fill the equity void, usually in exchange for a greater-than-hoped-for profit share in the project. Gap Funding allows you to save 100% of your equity by leveraging debt instead. Assuming the project's margins are high, the savings can be substantial.


We don't always recommend new investors use this money for 100% financing and deprive themselves of the knowledge & underwriting available from a hard money lender or experienced private money lender - or alternatively, an experienced mentor to guide you through the numbers. In event there's no mentor to refer to, we suggest it be used as Gap Funding/ Skin in the Game.

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Do I qualify?

1) $40,000+ income per year
2) 680 Minimum credit score

3) DTI & Credit Utilization reviewed

4) Currently receiving income and the ability to likelihood of continuance


W-2 Employed, Business Owners.
Self-Employed, Retired 1099R,


Application Process

Apply for funding in 1-min and receive a call from our business funding partner within 24 hours to learn more about your needs and timeline, and to answer your questions.

No credit pulls.

No commitment.

No upfront fees.


Loan Terms

$10,000 - $500,000 Loan Amounts

Term Loans & Lines of Credit

Credit Cards at 0% interest 18 mos

5-7 Year Terms

7-20% interest rates

No prepayment penalties

No collateral - unsecured funding

15% Fee paid out of loan proceeds

Close in as little as 5 business days from when we receive all your docs

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